DE's 3rd Floor Exhibition Space

April 2023: Ana Rivero Rossi

Barbaric Times

This work depicts actual conditions unsheltered people currently face in our cities. It is conceptualized as a critique in disguise as a museum-style, scale model of an archeological site representing the ‘remains’ from our present-day civilization. —

Scale Model of a Settlement, circa 2010-2023 (A period also known as the “Barbaric Times”)

This is a scale reproduction of housing and objects that belonged to a part of society known as the “Unsheltered” during the Barbaric Times.

While there is very little documentation left of the social structures of these communities, it is understood that during this period individuals who lived within these villages were socially marginalized by others in surrounding communities, and neglected by governing authorities.

The material culture of the Unsheltered is reproduced here as faithfully as is possible, based upon a few images remaining from the period, and through documentation of artifacts found at the site.