DE Stories: A Sound Installation by Pamela Z

This is a sonic portrait of Developing Environments. It was created in 2012 for the occasion of DE’s 40th anniversary as an artist live/work community. It was created by composer/performer and sound artist Pamela Z, who has lived and worked at DE since 1995. The work, which is in twenty two little movements, is made from text fragments taken from 29 inteviews she conducted with artists who are current and past members of the community.

The artists whose voices appear in this piece are:

Carlo Abruzzese
Jordan Bass
Kathleen Bradley
Miranda Caroligne
Ronald Chase
Moshe Cohen
Jennifer Ewing
Cathy Feiss
Jeanne Finley
Matthew Frederick
Leo Germano
Marion Gray
tani hasegawa
Ruth Hawkins
Barbara Imhoff
Hannah Kahn
Lakshmi Karna
Rudy Lemcke
Lila Maes
Ian Pollack
Karen Quest
Rosie Radiator
Robin Richardson
Janet Silk
Gabrielle Thormann
Debra Walker
Karin Wikström
Pamela Z

All voices and sounds were recorded and edited by Pamela Z

The Ukelele sound (sampled and looped in “Roll Call”) and the harmonica (used in “Clown Music”) was played by Moshe Cohen.

The soundbed in “Practice” is excerpted from other Pamela Z works.

The harp music (in “Amends”) was sampled from a recording of Barbara Imphoff.

The tapping (in “playing the Building) was sampled from the work of “Rosie Radiator and the Pushrods”.

© 2012 Last Letter Music (ASCAP)