DE's 3rd Floor Exhibition Space

January 2022: Developing Environments Gallery: Leo Germano & Jennifer Ewing

LEO GERMANO – Between Moods

Each time Leo goes out on a photo shoot, there is a shift that happens naturally because in the moment and in that place, there are circumstances that involves fresh seeing. He lets the mood around his subject inform his choices and he finds the story buried within.When he is ready to join his vision with what he sees through the lens, he presses the button.There is an inner knowing directed by experience, curiosity and listening.

The photos in this exhibit are a sampling of his latest captures in a larger than normal format. He explores details within cityscapes, the neighborhood, dramatic encounters with ships, dreamy vistas and organic texture.The subjects vary but the intention is to draw one’s attention to something special that holds a memory.

Leo has been a photographer for decades and has shown his work in a variety of venues since 1985. His life career includes illustration, technical illustration, graphic design and mural painting. Recently, he has been a mentor and a volunteer with First Exposures – a local non-profit that helps underserved youth through photography.

JENNIFER EWING – Between Worlds

Jennifer Ewing’s installation “Between Worlds” introduces whales and a ladder as symbols for movement between worlds. The whales revealed themselves in a journey that compelled her to shift from Spirit Boats and explore a new theme that uses materials in new ways. Ladders are an ongoing subject for they are ancient archetypes that serve us all. Key to creating this work was allowing each part of the process emerge on it’s own terms like the whales floating up in layers of bubbles. It was a journey filled with mystery and joy.

Jennifer address a mutual inquiry around the ways we can ascend and suggests dreaming with the whales and employing a ladder to access a universal place. This installation was designed as a site specific work for the gallery to maximize the energy of the paintings, sculpture and their shadows.

Jennifer has been painting murals since 1989 and has been working in museum education since 2005. Her work has been exhibited widely in solo and group shows the SF Bay Area. She also leads workshops for personal growth.

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