DE's 3rd Floor Exhibition Space

December 2022: Robin Richardson

As a painter and digital artist, my work investigates the place where the organic and the mechanical intersect. This comes from an interest in the underlying structure of matter, where the natural world breaks down into the intrinsic geometry that is at the core of everything. The result is an investigation into the dialogue between order and chaos and the ensuing ambiguity that develops as order descends into chaos.

Each piece begins with watercolor and/or acrylic paint, loosely applied to paper or board. Some pieces are completed entirely with paint; others are scanned on a high-resolution scanner and imported into the computer for manipulation. During this manipulation, graphic elements are composited into the scanned paint to create a combination of natural and digital elements. In some instances, the original painting is put through the printer for a unique print. Often, the final output is an archival pigment print on heavy, rag paper in editions of 5 or fewer. Additional drawn elements or layers of paint are sometimes added to these prints.

Simultaneously, I worked for many years as a Motion Graphic artist, developing design, 3D Modeling, and animation skills. As a result, the current work is the culmination of a background in Fine Art and skills honed in the digital realm. 

Robin Richardson, December 2022