DE's 3rd Floor Exhibition Space

February 2024: Todd Hanson

The Birth of Light and Color

Astrophysics and quatum mechanics fascinate me. How do we make sense of things on the grandest and smallest scales simultaneously? It’s a dilemma that drives humanities’ search for the earliest astronomical bodies as well as the most indivisible of particles. According to current theories, 270,000 years passed after the Big Bang until conditions allowed for light to become possible. From a quantum perspective, we the observers alter the observed the closer we look. The overhead piece, The Birth of Light, speaks of that instant before light and through it runs a heart beat, suggesting how our conscious observation back through time might possibly have cause our very creation.

On a more personal note, the three verticle pieces represent my birth of color. These are my first works purely based in paint and color. Being diagnosed as color blind at a very early age and subsequently ridiculed ever since for my perceptive limitations, I avoided working in these mediums. This past year has given me the confidence to overcome my reluctance and explore new possibilities.

The corner room displays a variety of series which emphasize process. Freeing myself to liberally make “mistakes” has stimulated both my creativity and productivity.

Instagram: toddah.sf